Monday, December 23, 2013

Salinger by Shane Salerno

Salinger directed by Shane Salerno

His hiding out - recluse
1st time war footage shown
More war footage -holocaust
Music and sound effects for war scene awesome
Normandie Beach scene and V.E. Day - visually enhanced, sound track, war sounds
Nervous breakdown after war
299 days in combat - immense, unimaginable stress
"Anybody after 200 days of combat goes insane."
Stage performance with giant projections
Close-Up hands and typewriter
Close-Up typeface on typewriter
Nice b-roll - artist sketching faces with charcoal
Franny - story
Close-Up Salinger postal box - Black and White with his name on the side - mysterious
His writing "bunker"
Reenactment of the story when he was reclusive and writing for a week
Margaret Salinger - daughter's TV interview from 90's.
Flashbacks of War
Driving P.O.V. shot - filmmaker driving up to Connecticut
Hinduism and Salinger's religious beliefs - Bhagavad Gita, Glass Sotires
Zooey, 1957 - William Shawn, editor New Yorker magazine
He loved "Lost Horizon",
Woman, Joyce Maynard, on New York Times Magazine - wearing large man's watch like Zooey
Intercut positive and negative descriptions about a person - from two different sources.
***Still photo of the person telling the story from the time the story happened (back then)
Vedanta religion
Cornish, NH
Pop music

Dir. Prod. Shane Salerno
Prod. Buddy Squires
Editor Regis Kimble
Film research: Bonnie Rowan

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